Greenpoint residents call for street changes to decrease accidents

For Greenpoint residents, McGuinness Boulevard is a street where disaster is waiting to happen.  
"I feel unsafe walking, being a passenger in a car, anywhere,” said Laura Hofmann, a Greenpoint local. “Right now, I don't see any police cars and I've seen half a dozen cars while I was on the corner speeding by." 
According to Assemblymember Emily Gallagher, the intersection of McGuinness Boulevard and Norman Avenue has a reputation for being dangerous for pedestrians and drivers alike.  
A ghost bike lies at the intersection to memorialize the tragic death of a cyclist that took place at the infamous intersection just a few years ago.  
Two weeks ago, a woman was struck at the intersection and was left with serious head injuries. This inspired Gallagher to write a letter to the city’s Department of Transportation calling for immediate safety actions.  
Some of these safety actions include longer crossing time for pedestrians, daylighting all intersections along the boulevard, and extending median tips at crosswalks.  
A statement from the transportation department said the following: 
“As we develop the final proposal for McGuinness Boulevard, DOT is committed to delivering immediate, short-term safety improvements later this year, with more to share soon."