Gun violence victim’s life honored at community Thanksgiving dinner

Residents of the Melrose community and around the Bronx poured into a local gymnasium on Tuesday night for a Thanksgiving dinner in honor of the late Brandon Hendricks.  
Members of Hendricks’ basketball team showed up to help serve food to the public to honor his memory. They still call him by his nickname B Diddy, and say they remember him by giving back to the community and celebrating Thanksgiving, his favorite holiday. 
Brandon’s mother says things weren’t easy entering the holiday season without her son. 
“Brandon loves Thanksgiving. It’s his favorite holiday and we just got to celebrate his life the life he lived,” said Eve Hendricks, Brandon’s mother. “Brandon was such a person that loved life… he loved to encourage people. He wants to see everyone do better and his dream was to do for others as his friend Cisco did for him and the community.” 
Kitchen supplies are being raffled off to those who attended just in time for Thanksgiving.