‘Here Comes Calico’ comic series puts animal abusers on notice

A Bronx man is shedding light on animal abuse through his new comic series titled “Here Comes Calico.”
As a young boy, comic book creator H.H. German loved reading comics and had hoped to write one someday. It was during quarantine when German put his ideas to paper and created a new comic book.
German says his character is like no other hero in the comic world. The Bronx-born Brooklyn vigilante fights for the protection of all animals by punishing those who torture and abuse them.
German says his character, a victim of childhood bullying, doesn't have superpowers. Instead, he relies on a high-tech bodysuit and a network of intel hackers to find and eliminate those who prey on defenseless animals.
“The character is going to resonate with New Yorkers because he is straight from the Bronx and he lives in Brooklyn, and he is taking care of the problem in a New York kind of way,” he told News 12
So far, he has completed two out of his eight-book series. His latest publication is expected to be released sometime early next month.