How does frost form? Here are some frost facts to know

Colder temperatures in October are a welcome sign to the autumn season. But with the cold comes a taste of winter-like weather, like frost.

What causes frost?

Frost forms when tiny ice crystals collect, forming on most surfaces exposed outdoors. During calm and clear nights, when overnight temperatures drop to 36 degrees or below, water vapor solidifies forming tiny ice crystals. Dew found in the warmer morning months is frozen dew or frost in the colder months.

When does frost begin to form?

In the tri-state area, first frost dates can vary with higher elevation and when cold weather fronts pass after Oct. 11 through Nov. 20.

Where can frost be found?

A sudden drop in temperatures that causes frost could harm gardens and sensitive plants. Therefore, best practices are to either to cover the plants or move them indoors out of harsh cold conditions.
Frost is often found on vehicles, grass, sidewalks, pavements and railings.

How do I clear my car from frost?

You can make your own de-icer spray to help clear your windshield with a simple 2-ingredient solution. Easily combine two parts 70% isopropyl alcohol and one part water in a spray bottle. This mixture has a lower freezing point, of 5 degrees versus than plain water and will help melt frost on your vehicle’s windshield.