'I know people are panicked:' Community leaders urge residents not to let coronavirus fears control plans

Community leaders say fear of the coronavirus is causing tension in Sunset Park.
Councilman Mark Treyger, who represents parts of south Brooklyn, says he's getting reports of racial slurs being made toward Chinese-American students.
Other community leaders tell News 12 they are seeing a decrease in people shopping along 8th Avenue. Some people are also expressing fear to purchase food at the markets and restaurants in areas where Chinese-Americans live.
Treyger is telling people to not let fear control their plans.
"Don't let people try to scare you and say don't go to public events," Treyger says. "I know people are panicked. They are not going to some public events that we have planned. Don't let them scare you. There are no confirmed cases, so don't be afraid and there is going to be another parade on Sunday, the 9th. Do attend."
The New York City Department of Health says two cases that they were looking at as possible coronavirus cases have come back negative. Results of three other cases are still pending.