Initiative uses Fieldston restaurants to put food into community fridge

A community fridge in Fieldston is feeding the hungry and giving business to nearby restaurants.
A Riverdale woman who helps stock the fridge says she came up with a plan to help keep it full by taking advantage of its location. The fridge, on Broadway, is surrounded by restaurants - and says that the best way to help is by getting people to purchase a meal.
Claudy's Kitchen, which serves Peruvian food, is offering a meal to customers that will also be put in the fridge for $7.99. It includes chicken and rice along with a water bottle and green sauce. Once prepared, it's off to the fridge.
Lee Michele, the woman behind the initiative and the founder of Moms Feed the Bronx, says the goal is to build community partnerships to feed neighbors.
The Final Stop kept the fridge running for its first month of operation. Now, the Jerusalem Cafe is helping keep it powered.