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Joey BadA$$ suprises Murrow students

A group of students from Edward R. Murrow High School got the ultimate surprise when a hip-hop star sat front and center and watched them perform at their annual Music Tech Fest.

Shniece Archer

Jun 1, 2024, 2:08 AM

Updated 22 days ago


Students performed original songs Friday night for their friends and loved ones, but little did they know a star was waiting to applaud them.
They screamed when they saw Joey BadA$$. He’s a rapper and actor from the borough who attended Murrow.
"Follow your dreams, don't be afraid don't be ashamed to follow your hearts follow whatever it is," said Joey BadA$$.
The students are in a three-year music program, so they said having guests like Joey BadA$$ gave them the extra push they need.
"It really shows them it's an inspiration shows them that if they keep doing it keep at it then maybe they can experience that same success," said Joseph Reilly, music technology teacher.
The aspiring artists told News 12 the support from an icon like Joey BadA$$ is a reminder that dreams come true.
"He is a alumni of the school, he's an icon, super talented and i think he'll really enjoy what we put on tonight and its a special treat, so i hope he enjoys it as much as we enjoy him being here," said senior Alice Friedman.

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