Make McGuinness Safe advocates for redesign of McGuinness Boulevard

Protesters in support of Make McGuinness Safe are advocating for a redesign after Wednesday's news that the mayor has instructed the Department of Transportation to adjust the original proposal for a redesign of McGuinness Boulevard.
Advocates have called the rollback on the proposed redesign a "gut punch."
They're saying McGuinness Boulevard puts cars first, but it needs to be more adaptive for those traveling by bike or on foot.
Local residents say they are unhappy with the mayor's announcement from Wednesday stating that the proposed redesign for McGuinness Boulevard has to go back to the drawing boards.
The plan included removing two lanes of travel, maintaining parking spaces and the implementation of bike lanes on the road.
Some local businesses have expressed concerns with the redesign plans, saying it may affect their client traffic.
Protesters Friday say none of that should matter if safety is not the main priority.
"On McGinnis Boulevard there is a crash on average every other day and there is an injury once a week. We've had many of our neighbors been hurt and killed and that's just not acceptable, status quo. And we're here to say that the boulevard needs to be safer," said Kevin Lacherra, coordinator for Make McGuinness Safe.
A timeline as to when a new redesign will be drawn out has not yet been released.