Man says Brooklyn gas station mistakenly sold him diesel fuel, damaging his car

A Brooklyn man says he has to pay over $2,000 in car repair bills after the fuel pump he used at a local gas station contained diesel fuel instead of regular gas.
William Ayers says it was a routine fill up at Pure Energy gas station on Malcolm X Boulevard on May 5.
"I got about a mile or two away and my car started smoking," he says.
Ayers said a mechanic determined that he had diesel in his tank.
He now has to pay $2,069.00, along with the $25 he put in for regular gas, to change the damaged parts on his 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Ayers says his Jeep takes regular gas, and that diesel can ruin its engine.
He claims he used the regular nozzle at the pump at Pure Energy.
Ayers says his Jeep did not have these issues before he unknowingly got diesel.
News 12 randomly showed up at the station on May 23 and filled up a gas can then took that can to a local mechanic to be evaluated. That mechanic told News 12 that it appeared to be regular gas in the tank.
A man who identified himself as Pure Energy's manager told News 12 the station does not sell diesel. He admitted though that "a few" customers had the same complaint. He said he was not authorized to give News 12 the name of the station's supplier or its owner.
Ayers is demanding to be reimbursed for the damages, and is now pursuing legal action.