Mayor Adams discusses enhanced public safety in aftermath of Texas school shooting

Adams made it clear his objective is keeping the city’s streets and schools gun free.

News 12 Staff

May 25, 2022, 9:44 PM

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Mayor Adams and city officials addressed enhanced public safety on Wednesday in the wake of Tuesday's deadly school shooting in Texas.
Adams made it clear his objective is keeping the city’s streets and schools gun free.
"Doesn't matter how much we take them off the streets, there's an endless flow,” he said. “Guns on our streets. Guns on the subways and guns in our schools. Our children did not create this world. We did. Children don't manufacture guns. Children don't pass laws. Children and sell guns. Children are put in harm’s way because of the actions of adults and we're betraying them."
According to Adams, the city has seen a 29% decrease of shootings during the month of April compared to last year.
Adams, along with the NYPD and NYC Schools Chancellor David Banks, are now calling on parents and all community members to come together in effort to end this public safety crisis and to keep our children alive.
"In your own homes you have the ability to help the NYPD ensure public safety for all,” said NYPD First Deputy Commissioner Edward Caban. “And we need everybody's full involvement. Parents, grandparents, guardians, caregivers. Anyone and everyone responsible for raising our cities young children need to have conversations with your children about illegal guns."
Banks acknowledged that gun safety starts with the health of the person behind the trigger.
"The people who work in schools, every single day they recognize that they want to be safe,” he added. “School city agents play a vital part. They don't play the entire role, but they play a vital part. School counselors, teachers, principals, administrators. All of us working together and the NYPD provide a safe environment.
Adams also had praise for the NYPD saying that nearly 3,000 guns have been recovered from the streets of NYC this year alone, and 20 of those recovered from schools in our area since the start of this school year.

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