Mayor Adams: DNA Gun Crime Lab leads to faster turnaround time for testing evidence

Mayor Eric Adams says New York City’s initiative to end gun violence has made another stride forward. 
The NYPD says officers have taken over 2,800 guns off the streets this year. 
Adams announced the city's DNA Gun Crime Lab has achieved an under 30-day turnaround time for testing evidence.
Adams says the city invested $2.5 million to train and hire 24 new forensic scientists for the crime lab. It is the fastest big city lab to test and analyze data in the nation. 
City officials say they hope this new unit will help deliver justice faster for victims, families and communities.
“The team at the DNA crime unit are posting results that exceed every expectation. This means with enhancements to gun cases, stronger persecutions and ultimately a safer New York for everyone,” says First Deputy Commissioner Edward Caban. 
Officials say this is just another piece of the puzzle in the citywide effort to stop gun violence.