Multiple sightings of hate speech, vandalism discovered in Midwood on Kings Highway

Residents in Midwood and Sheepshead Bay are upset after multiple sightings of hate speech and vandalism were found in the neighborhood on Friday.
The hateful messages were seen on walls outside local businesses, including one that read ‘Burn Gaza.’ Three other messages were uncovered on Kings Highway on East 18th and 19th streets.
“Sadness, I was offended,” said Midwood’s Selma Ates. “I was with my kids and they said, 'Mom why would they write such a hurtful thing?' And I really didn't have an answer for them. I was really offended with everything going on. Everything that Gaza’s been through."
“It's disappointing to see that,” added Sheepshead Bay’s Melba Prince. “Really hurtful. At the end of the day, people shouldn't have to walk past and see this. Really disappointing.”