New 5G tower additions leave some residents in the dark

New York City is helping to build towers citywide to link free wireless internet to people, but some residents say it's been done without consulting their community - leaving them with more questions than answers. 
Marion Little, the owner of Stripper, Stain & Supplies in Bed-Stuy, says that one day the pillar sprung up next to his business and that he had no idea what it was. 
"It was put up about two weeks ago. It took them about four, five days to install. We didn't know what it was at first,” said Little.  
These new pillars are to provide free Wi-Fi service and improve cellphone service, but Little says he’s concerned. 
“Why is it so tall? Who allocated the funds for it? What program installed it? What is its primary purpose?” asks Little. “They haven’t given us any information."
The city plans to deploy around 2,000 citywide. As of Nov. 9, most of the Link5Gs have not yet been activated as they are in various stages of activation, optimization and testing.