NJ police departments increase presence near schools in towns; no known threats at any school

Police departments around New Jersey increased their presence this morning near schools in their towns out of an abundance of caution.
There are no threats to New Jersey schools, but it’s important to help everyone feel safe. 
“They immediately let us know via text last night, they said that there would be an increased police presence here,” says first grade teacher Kelly Streko.
North Brunswick’s finest were on patrol outside the high school and neighboring Judd Elementary School as students and faculty returned less than 24 hours after the tragedy in Texas.
“I think it’s more safe having police around because I think it decreases the chances of it being more dangerous for you,” says junior Adrio Rodriguez.
North Brunswick is not alone. Schools throughout the state, including many in Ocean County, like Lakewood, Camden, South Brunswick, Edison and Howell and Trenton, also increased police presence at schools today.  
North Brunswick police remind all that if you observe any suspicious or concerning activity in a person or on social media, contact police immediately, adding in 95% of mass shootings, at least one person is aware the incident will occur before it does.