Notable special education school makes its way to Brooklyn

A notable special education school located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan has made its way to Sunset Park.  
International Institute for the Brain, better known as iBrain, was founded in 2018 by Patrick Donohue, whose mission was to improve education for his daughter.  
“She was shaken by her baby nurse when she was only 5 days old, broke four ribs, both collarbones, and caused severe brain injury,” said Donohue. “While she's 17 now she can't walk on her own yet, but she will. Part of that mission to change the world for her is creating world class education." 
The school focuses closely on making sure that the learning experience for these kids is unhampered by their disability.  
“This is a very special school for people with severe disabilities. It's the most intense program that exists anywhere in the world,” said Donohue. “Every student has a 1:1 paraprofessional that's with them throughout the entire day." 
Donohue’s commitment to the accessibility of iBrain is clear, as the only out-of-pocket expense for families to attend the program is a $100 refundable deposit.  
The students take part in a great variety of activities and supportive services that help to develop their cognitive, educational, and social skills. Donohue says the goal is to expand to all five boroughs.