NYCHA lays out winter prep plan, but residents already facing heating issues

The New York City Housing Authority laid out its plan before the City Council to keep residents warm in winter -- but some tenants say they are already facing heat issues. 
Linda Green has lived at the Melrose Houses with her family for nearly 20 years. She says she doesn’t believe that NYCHA is prepared for frigid temperatures as she hasn't had heat in her apartment for days. 
"It's just too cold for people to be without heat and hot're freezing in your house, you come out of the cold, go into the cold,” Green says.  
Kadeem Campbell says the complex has the same issues over and over when it gets cold. He says he's worried about keeping his family healthy. 
"My kids have asthma, so when it's too cold in the apartment I have to bundle them up so they won't start coughing and get sick,” he says.  
NYCHA officials told the City Council Committee on Public Housing that it is seeing less outages this year than last. It also said they have over 500 assigned heating staff members and have deployed robo calls for outages to residents. 
NYCHA says it is still utilizing over 30 mobile boilers. 
The Melrose Houses is one of the NYCHA developments with a mobile boiler. The council members and residents say they want a permanent fix. 
"My tenants are going to suffer another winter frozen in their apartments because NYCHA has not really winterized their units,” says council member Rafael Salamanca Jr. 
NYCHA said it'll need additional investments but that they plan to have over 300 boilers replaced by 2026. Residents say they need heating help now.