NYPD releases bodycam footage of Harlem altercation between woman and officer

The New York City Police Department has responded to a viral video of an altercation between a police officer and a woman in Harlem.
Around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, officers were assaulted by multiple people while they were arresting Elvin James for attempted murder on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard and West 136th Street.
In the viral video that was first released, 19-year-old Tiamani Crum can be seen clashing with the officer, who appears to strike her and knock her down. Both Crum and the sister of the attempted murder suspect were subsequently arrested.
The NYPD has confirmed that the officer struck her with an open hand in order to fend her off while she pushed and hit him. They also released body camera footage of the incident.
The officer in the video was identified by the National Action Network as Kendo Kinsey.
Crum’s grandmother says police did not handle the situation properly.
"She wasn't hit, she was sucker punched by a big man who had no business putting his hands on my baby at all. There are female officers who I am sure were over there who could have handled the situation much better than he did,” she said.
Julia Crum also says she wants the officer brought up on charges.