NYPD's 2021 statistics show murders down 12% compared to previous year

The NYPD's latest crime statistics for this year appear to show progress compared to numbers last year.
The news conference follows a deadly July Fourth weekend. The NYPD said there were 41 shooting incidents across the boroughs, with 56 victims.
NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said the numbers aren’t where they may have liked for this past weekend, but their best efforts continue with shooting incidents down by 24.2% compared to this time last year.
Murders are also down nearly 12% compared to this time last year.
Shooting incidents are down 13% along with shooting victims down by 11%.
The department said it saw a record for gun arrests with a 27-year high.
In just last the last six months, the NYPD seized more than 3,700 illegal guns off city streets, with 150 of those guns seized by neighborhood safety teams deployed earlier this year.
Sewell called these statistics tangible progress as police also saw increases with 31% in index crimes for the month of June compared to this time last year. This includes crimes for grand larceny, robbery and burglary.
The department said the people they are arresting for these crimes are repeat offenders.
"We are arresting more and more of the people who are responsible for committing these crimes. When 25% percent of the people arrested for burglary are re-arrested for another felony within 60 days compared to 7% a few years ago, that’s a significant problem," said NYPD Chief Kenneth Corey.
"Well, it’s criminal justice reform across the board that we can speak to in terms of a number of different reasons why these numbers are what they are in certain areas. But I believe they were well-meaning, and I want that to go get lost. I do believe some of these reforms are very well-meaning but they need to be changed," Sewell said.
While there is much discussion on criminal justice reform, the NYPD said that 22% of their gun arrests are those who have already been a convicted felon and 16% of those arrests already have an open felony.