NYU unveils new research lab in Downtown Brooklyn

New York University's Tandon School of Engineering unveiled a new research laboratory in the MetroTech campus.
Representatives say that they want to make Brooklyn a leader in science and engineering. The school is calling the space a Cleanroom, which means everyone wears white lab coats to ensure it stays clean. 
The 2,300-square foot facility will be available to researchers throughout the city for various fees. Representatives say that the charges will range from $20-$200 an hour depending on the type of equipment being used.
Researchers from different industries are being welcomed, including medical devices, electronics and computers. 
"If you want to have fast computers if you want to have optical communications if you want to have solar energy this is a place that will enable those types of technologies," said David Pine, the chair of chemical engineering.
Pine and his colleagues spent three years developing the laboratory. 
The research lab is funded partly by the Office of the Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams with additional state funding.
Officials plan to open the facility by the end of June.