Parks Dept. to remove 6 trees from Sheepshead Bay playground for renovations

A Sheepshead Bay playground is getting renovated, but neighbors are not exactly happy about the changes.
More than $3 million is being poured into Homecrest Playground, which will provide new equipment, new paving and even a new spray shower. But it also means the downing of half a dozen trees in the area.
Neighbors say they are not happy about the plan to cut down the trees, which they say will rob the area of essential shade and beautiful landscape.
The Parks Department says six trees need to come down for this renovation and that most of them are in poor condition.
About 34 other trees will be pruned in preparation for the construction.
The tree removals are set to take place in the coming weeks.
The Parks Department said 15 shade trees will be planted to make up for those they are removing.