“People not getting their paychecks:” Assemblyman wants answers on lost mail

Steve Silver has lived in Williamsburg for 40 years and says the local post office has always been a problem.
"I was walking out the building right by the front door, all the mail was dumped and there was somebody's passport there. So, I mean this has been endemic I would say,” says Silver.

State Assemblyman Joseph Lentol says people living in the northern Brooklyn zip codes of 11211, 11222 and 11249 have been most affected.
"We have issues with people not getting their Medicaid checks, people not getting their Social Security checks and that's pretty tough. People not getting their paychecks and you can't live like that,” says Lentol.

Lentol doesn't believe it's one single employee causing the problem but rather a systemic issue.

“That probably isn't the fault of the mail men and women, it's just too great of an issue. That's going on here where mail is continuously not mailed correctly,” says Lentol.

Last month, he sent a letter along with other elected officials to the United States Postal Service Inspector General. In it he asks for a thorough audit to investigate the system of delivery and determine what changes can be made going forward.

The U.S. Postal Service spokesperson told News 12 in a statement, "The U.S. Postal Service maintains a robust working relationship with local elected officials and community leaders. We are able to effectively investigate missing items, so long as there is sufficient tracking information or other delivery details.”

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the inspector general says they are looking into it.