Police: 2 West Islip stores broken into over the weekend

Police say Hershey's Ice Cream and Bang Bang Burritos in West Islip were broken into over the weekend.
The stores are located next to each other in a small shopping center on Union Boulevard.
Police say both businesses had their door smashed in and money stolen from their registers around 3:30 a.m. Sunday.
The business owners say it is a very nice tightknit community and that they were stunned but happy none of their employees were in the store at the time.
"This is a great town, great people. We try to do the best we can. Even when we see homeless people, we give them food - and it's a shame this had to happen here," says Frank Carbone, owner of Bang Bang Burritos.
The alleged thieves were caught on surveillance video smashing the glass door and stealing $400 from the registers at Bang Bang Burritos.
Christine Morano, owner of Hershey's Ice Cream, says money was also taken out of her register and she also has to pay $1,000 to replace the door.
"It is a lot for us - but I'm more content that no employees were in the store," Morano says.
The owners say they are mostly upset because they say as small business, they are there to support the community and hoped they would have the same respect in return.
"If you need money or something, just come and ask, don't break the window and doors and everything else," Carbone says.