Road Trip Close to Home: Brooklyn Bridge Park

Stretched across 85 acres of grassy terrain is a Brooklyn waterfront park where thousands of visitors come to play, relax and take in the skyline views.
"The view is pretty extraordinary. The Manhattan skyline right behind us, right here on the water. Great views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, you really can't beat it," says Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation President Eric Landau.
Brooklyn Bridge Park is an oasis of greenery where New Yorkers can enjoy an array of activities on its six piers from the Riverside Promenade to Jane's Carousel.
"Roller skating and pickleball, and incredible playgrounds. Parks are not just open spaces where people can come and recreate, but they also have to be places for incredible programming," says Landau.
The park holds more than 500 free events year-round, including concerts and outdoor movies.