Sea Gate neighborhood reflects on 10-year anniversary of Superstorm Sandy

In the years following Superstorm Sandy, the neighborhood of Sea Gate has done all it can to reemerge stronger.

News 12 Staff

Oct 25, 2022, 1:01 AM

Updated 632 days ago


It has been a decade since Superstorm Sandy destroyed parts of beachside communities such as Sea Gate in Brooklyn.  
“It was a horror,” said Denise Rolland, longtime Sea Gate resident. “We couldn’t believe how fierce the storm was. The whole community was devastated.” 
In the years following Superstorm Sandy, the neighborhood has done all it can to reemerge stronger.  
Sea Gate Association President Robbin Paraison told News 12 that some residents were involved in a program that brought back so many of the trees lost during the storm.  
She says that multiple projects helped to restore parts of the community, like the seawall, and introduced things like seagrass that homeowners hope will mitigate future floods.

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