Virgil Abloh honored in exhibit at Brooklyn Museum

A new exhibition will soon be on display at the Brooklyn Museum, where the late Virgil Abloh’s prolific career will be shown.
The designer that many refer to as a trailblazer in the fashion world, Abloh’s art and designs will be on display in the museum.
The exhibition, named ‘Figures of Speech,’ traces two decades of the designer’s work. He served as the director of Louis Vuitton and the creator of fashion label Off-White, and quickly became a defining figure in the fashion world.
"When you look at the scope of his work in his all too short life, it's really astonishing,” said Anne Pasternak, director of the Brooklyn Museum. “He brought new light and spirit to things that seem really familiar and he never quit on his standards of excellence.”
Abloh died at 41 years old after a hard-fought battle with cancer.
The exhibit will open this Friday.