Wakefield, Woodlawn report highest citywide COVID positivity rates at 18%

Parts of the Bronx have skyrocketed to the highest coronavirus positivity rates across the city.
The Wakefield and Woodlawn neighborhoods have coronavirus positivity rate of 18%. 
News 12 is told the only testing facility in Wakefield, located on East 229th Street and White Plains Road, is constantly busy.
Some residents say they are not surprised that the rates are so high because they often see people in the area walking around without a mask.
One man says that the area is ignored, telling News 12 that his wife had to pay for a test to avoid long lines at free testing centers. 
He also says that no contact tracing was done on his mother-in-law who tested positive. 
That resident said the city needs to dedicate more resources to the neighborhood.
“They say they’re for the people and they’re for us,” he says “Where’s the help at? Show us that you’re for us.”