WEATHER TO WATCH: Showers and storms for Sunday in New York City

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Allan Nosoff says New York City will see showers and storms on Sunday.
OVERNIGHT: Mostly cloudy. Showers likely by 5 a.m. Lows down to 70.
SUNDAY -- WEATHER TO WATCH: Showers and downpours likely between 5 and 11 a.m., then partly cloudy and humid. Highs up to 81, but it could be higher with additional sunshine. Then thunderstorms are likely after 6 p.m. through midnight. One or two storms could turn severe with 40 to 60-plus mph gusts and localized flooding. Lows down to 72 with a few showers possible at night.
MONDAY: Similar to Sunday with a damp start, then partly cloudy. Much warmer with highs surging to 88. Feels like temperatures will near 95 with high humidity. A strong-to-severe thunderstorm is possible during the evening. Lows down to 73.
TUESDAY -- INDEPENDENCE DAY: Hazy, hot and humid. Mostly sunny. Highs up to 90. Feels like will be between 93 and 95. Lows down to 75, and great weather for fireworks.
WEDNESDAY - THURSDAY: Hazy, hot and humid. Highs near 92. Feels like will be between 95 and 98. Lows near 76.
FRIDAY: Hot and humid again with afternoon showers and thunderstorms possible. Highs around 87. Lows down to 70.