Woman recovering from stroke says she was attacked by Access-A-Ride driver

A Queens woman recovering from a stroke says she was attacked by her own Access-A-Ride driver in Bay Ridge last Wednesday.  
Kisha Jones says her legs are still badly bruised from the incident and that she hasn’t been able to sleep. 
Jones says she asked her driver to get off of his phone and he refused after she noticed the driver making an illegal turn while on the clock.  She says that as she was dropped off at her destination, she was hit over the head and badly beaten.  
“All I know is he hit me and I fell to the ground, he started stomping me,” said Jones. “I had two strokes prior to this incident and a heart attack… all I see in my mind every night is that boot.” 
Jones showed News 12 her injuries, including badly bruised legs. She says she’s been a rider with Access-A-Ride for around one year after her medical issues and that she is still recovering.  
The MTA tells News 12 that the driver in question has been suspended from Access-A-Ride pending an investigation, which the NYPD will also be involved in.