Women's History Month: Rev. Elizabeth Abel

A Norwalk reverend has been a pillar of the community with her help and guidance during the pandemic.
The Rev. Elizabeth Abel of Cornerstone Community Church is an Air Force veteran who says young people have nudged her to follow her goals "because of the light they saw in me."
Abel helped provide food through a feeding ministry with 'blessing boxes' that gave 35-40 pounds of food to families for the week, as many folks lost their jobs during the pandemic.
"[The pandemic] has been an opportunity for me to get into people's households to meet people exactly where they are, and be a resource," she said. "To really make sure that even though we're isolated from one another, there's a way that we can remain connected. If we can reinstate that connection to the church, it's not about the building, it's about the community."
She's also pushing for people to get their COVID-19 vaccinations if they are eligible.
"One of the things that I've been encouraging people to do is educate themselves, so that they can make the best decision."
At the end of the day, Abel says that she still sees herself as "a little brown girl from the Bronx, and I believe it's because of that, that keeps me grounded and connected to the people who I serve."