5th annual Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival bridges culture and storytelling

Saturday marked the third day of the Brooklyn Caribbean Literary Festival in Downtown Brooklyn, which bridged the gap between Caribbean heritage and true storytelling.
As the festival celebrated its fifth year, people said the event is more than just sharing stories. They said the event presents a chance for people to connect with different cultures.
"Brooklyn is, if not, it's one of the hubs where Caribbean people settled," said Mellany Paynter, the event's director of programming.
The Center For Fiction sat front and center as this festival held its, "I Belong to The House of Music" event. It provided a chance for authors and readers to listen and share their stories that shaped who they are.
"My books are a real testament to sort of Caribbean culture and American culture, blending and mixing, and this festival feels like an in-between. It feels like a real celebration of those two cultures coming together," said author Lauren Francis-Sharma.
Those who missed Saturday's activities have another chance on Sunday, which will be the last day of the four-day festival.
Organizers said nothing is better than connecting with artists who share their life experiences.