As heat wave descends on NYC, New Yorkers seek refuge from summer sun

Scorching-hot temperatures are here to stay through the weekend, and New Yorkers are looking for ways to combat the extreme heat.
The state Department of Environmental Conservation issued an air quality health advisory, so those with asthma or having a tough time breathing are urged to reduce their time spent outside.
Brooklyn residents were still spotted running errands, working and walking their pets, and News 12 spoke to them about their ways to beat the heat.
“Hydrate, a lot of water, Gatorade…” said Rhoda E. Corbin, of Brooklyn Heights. “Relax with a good book and find a tree with shade.”
“I have been putting my head under the sink like three times a day,” said another resident. “Iced coffee, iced water, drinking like more than a gallon of water a day helps.”
City officials advise to avoid strenuous activity during the sun’s peak hours of 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. They also urge New Yorkers to wear lightweight clothing, stay hydrated and go to an air-conditioned location if possible.