Bronx mother & daughter forced to leave apartment after flood from sewage leak

Athena Flores was out shopping with her 4-year-old daughter in June when she came back to her apartment flooded with sewage water. 
“It was very bad,” says Flores. “It was water, basically things from the septic tank… sewage, and it smelled horribly.” 
She called her landlord to see what could be done to clean and fix it, but the response she was given was to wait.  
News 12 contacted the landlord, who said that due to scheduling conflicts between both parties, the crew assigned to clean and repair the apartment hasn’t been able to.  
The flooding forced Flores to leave her home, and she says she has stayed with her sisters in the meantime. After days of waiting, Flores started to clean the apartment herself alongside her sister Layla, which they say took two full days.  
Flores’ daughter was also present during the cleaning, and the environment caused her to get sick.  
“I explained to the doctors what had happened,” said Flores. "They told me due to the mold my child had got sick.” 
The landlord did say a cleaning crew is scheduled to complete the job on Aug. 1.