Bronx organization helps community members enter HVAC industry

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC is a growing field in the construction industry - and one local organization launched a new job program to help community members get involved.
After the pandemic impacted work in construction, Daniel Pena Minaya decided to connect with not-for-profit, Building Skills New York, to further his skills.
Building Skills New York provides training programs in masonry, electric, plumbing and other construction jobs.
With a family to take care of, Minaya says his new career path in heating and cooling will help him provide for them.
“Love it,” says Minaya. “A lot of opportunities and growth building skills… they got me this position, this job.”
The not-for-profit says with more affordable housing developments being built in the city, it is tapping into a growing sector within construction, to the point where free training on the job is available for qualifying applicants.