Brooklyn Animal Shelter at capacity, looking for foster families

If you’re looking to bring a new furry member into your family, the Brooklyn Animal Shelter is at capacity with animals looking for a home.
Following the wave of pandemic adoptions, the shelter tells News 12 that they have seen a rise in families putting their pets up for adoption.
The shelter says they have space to house 93 dogs, and as of right now, rooms that are designed to hold 25 dogs are holding 35 due to being at capacity.
“Our goal right now is to get as many animals out of the shelter and in a home as possible,” said Katy Hensen, director of communications for Animal Care Center of NYC.
For families that aren’t sure about committing to a pet, fostering one is an option. The temporary pairing with a pet that matches your lifestyle and level of experience can be had either until the pet is adopted or for however long the foster family can house the pet.
While there are nearly double the dogs in the shelter that they normally carry, there are nearly triple the amount of hamsters overflowing their kennels.
The Animal Care Center of NYC offers programs for families struggling with pets, ranging from food drives to medical assistance. For more information, click here.