Brooklyn Tech students forced to evacuate after fire broke out in school

Students at Brooklyn Tech in Fort Greene were forced to evacuate the building on Thursday after a small fire broke out. 
According to the Department of Education, no injuries have been reported and everyone was able to safely evacuate the building. FDNY was able to extinguish the fire.
Students who spoke with News 12 said their evacuation was confusing, adding that they had a fire drill just one hour before the real fire took place. 
"The second floor just smelled of smoke, and there was ash on the staircases," said sophomore Jay Melendez. "We found out it was a real fire because we smelled the smoke."
The DOE says the students were allowed back into the building after the fire was put out, but students told News 12 that the second floor of the building is closed for after-school activities. 
The cause of the fire remains under investigation.