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Brooklyn youth host 'Walk Out', rally to take stand against gun violence

Students from Launch Charter School in Crown Heights partnered with the advocacy organization "Save Our Streets" to speak out against gun violence.

Marissa Santorelli

Jun 5, 2024, 10:28 PM

Updated 17 days ago


Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students made their voices heard as they chanted, rallied with speeches, and put on performances. SOS advocates tell News 12 that enough is enough.
"They've invested in value. And they want the community to know that they're here and they're making noise to show that enough is enough. Gun violence needs to stop," said Anthony Rowe.
This demonstration comes days after three separate gun-related incidents occurred in Brownsville, shaking up the community during National Gun Violence Awareness Month. This event gives youth the opportunity to raise awareness while empowering them to make a change in their community.
"Specifically gun violence in their own communities because they live it every day. They experience it, their loved ones do... so their voices were heard today," assistant principal Brandi Robinson told us.
These students took months to research gun violence and made it a focus inside their classroom. The organization hosts these walk-outs annually, as they continue to fight against gun violence.
Students tell News 12 that they will continue to fight, chant, and advocate for change as long as there are guns on our streets.

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