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Business owner: CBD taken by NYPD, wants it back ASAP

A Midwood business owner says he is upset after his latest shipment of CBD was confiscated.

News 12 Staff

Nov 6, 2019, 12:49 AM

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A Midwood business owner says he is upset after his latest shipment of CBD was confiscated.
The owner of Green Angel CBD says it was taken by the NYPD by mistake, and he is working on a plan to get it back
John Dee says the 75th Precinct in East New York confiscated his shipment, claiming it was 106 pounds of marijuana. Dee says it was legal hemp that the company derives the CBC from.

Dee says he has received tons of shipments in the six years of the operation and never had a problem like this. It was purchased from a farm in Vermont. He says the truck carrying the product was stopped by police, but they checked the boxes and said it was 100% legal.
The shipment made its way to Brooklyn, where the Midwood businessman says FedEx brought the package with all the legal paperwork to the precinct.

“They baited us and they said, ‘How you doing John? You can come pick up your shipment, it's 100% OK, everything checked out,’” he says.

Dee wasn't feeling well so he sent his brother Ronan Levy to pick it up. He said he was treated like a criminal there.

“This was very traumatic to me. I’d never been to jail. I never seen the inside of a jail cell,” said Ronan Levy.
Levy was released and is expected back in court in a few weeks. Meanwhile, he says the kits for testing are outdated.

"They don't test the levels of THC allowed, which is 0.03 delta nine. It only test levels of cannabis or cannabinoids. All hemp and all CBD products have cannabinoids inside them so everything will test positive," says Levy.

In a statement, a FedEx spokesperson said to News 12, "We do not tolerate the use of our network for illegal purposes, and we are working with local authorities as they investigate this incident."

The NYPD  says it is still investigating. The brothers are working to get the packages back and are considering legal action against both the NYPD and FedEx.

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