Checking out Brooklyn's green haven ahead of the Kingsland Wildflower Festival

The Kingsland Wildflower Festival kicks off on July 27, and News 12's Katelynn Ulrich headed out to Greenpoint to get an inside look at a green haven.

News 12 Staff and Katelynn Ulrich

Jun 19, 2024, 11:13 AM

Updated 33 days ago


Kingsland Wildflowers in Greenpoint offers 25,000 square feet of native wildflowers and grass.
It's a rooftop green space on a private building made possible with multiple partners, including the Newtown Creek Alliance.
"Stormwater is a major issue on Newton Creek because when it rains, our sewer system gets overwhelmed, and it dumps untreated sewage in our waterways. So having more places to absorb stormwater and prevent it from going into the sewer system is major," said Newtown Creek Alliance Executive Director Willis Elkins.
The roof offers a space to visit with public programming, but it also helps the environment and provides a departure from city life.
"We have a superfund site to our left and one of the largest treatment plants to the right. And at the same time, there's this other thing here, and it's extremely surprising," said Marni Majorele, founder of Alive Structures who planned and cares for the green roof.
There will be a Kingsland Wildflower festival on July 27, which will include music and more.
More information about the festival can be found here.

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