City Council calls for restriction on e-bike battery sales amid increase in e-bike fires, injuries

Elected officials joined forces today to call for a restriction on certain batteries, as e-bike injuries and fires are on the rise.  
An early August apartment fire that took the lives of a 5-year-old girl and 36-year-old woman was sparked by lithium-ion batteries that area used in e-bikes and scooters, according to the FDNY.  
“This year, we’ve had over 130 fires related to e-bikes,” said Bronx Council Member Oswald Feliz. “These e-bike batteries contain fluids that when ignited create powerful, difficult-to-extinguish fires.” 
The goal of the elected officials is to provide a holistic approach to keep riders, such as delivery workers, safer, while also fighting the fire safety issues in our city.  
They are also calling for the fire department to lead an education campaign for e-bike rider safety.