City Island residents reflect on what Fourth of July means to them

While many people took to the beaches in Brooklyn or parties in Manhattan, City Islanders chose to keep it close to home to celebrate the 246-year anniversary of our nation's independence.
Some people on City Island visited some of the businesses that were open, like local ice cream shop Lickety Split.
Some residents told News 12 what the Fourth of July means to them.
"It means happiness and freedom," said Patrick Lawrence. "As long as everyone's happy, period. That's all that matters."
"Part of being independent is also keeping your freedoms, not just as Americans but as a human being," said Ralph Schweizer. "Over the past two years, freedom has become a very important word."
While the City Island and Orchard Beach area already had their firework shows last week, visitors and residents were be able to look across the water at the fireworks in Manhattan.