Family of man fatally shot by NYPD calls for justice on one-year anniversary of his death

Nov. 3 marks one year since Kyle Lockett was shot and killed by police. His family is still voicing their grievances and calling for justice to be brought.  
Investigators say that a dispute broke out between Lockett and another man inside of the East Gun Hill Road Bodega before things turned violent. 
Lockett and 29-year-old Ajamu Demmerle got into an altercation inside of the bodega, leading to Demmerle stabbing Lockett before fleeing. Surveillance video shows Lockett running after Demmerle and firing a gun several times.  
When Lockett fired that gun, officers from the Queens Warrant Squad, who were there for an unrelated case, fired at least a dozen shots at Lockett, ultimately taking his life. Investigators say that those officers in the warrant squad felt their lives were at danger.  
“Kyle had already dropped his weapon, it was already done, in the video – it shows he already dropped it, it wasn't in his hand, he never fired at police, they were never in danger,” said Myisha Lockett, Kyle Lockett’s mother.  
Lockett’s family has since met several times with Attorney General Letitia James’ office but say that they feel information has been withheld from them.  
"I do appreciate that they sat down with us a few times, but we still have no names and we are unsatisfied about what’s going on with it,” said Myisha.  
Both the attorney general’s office and the NYPD say the investigation into this incident is still ongoing and is being looked into by the Force Investigation Division.  
Demmerle is set to appear in court next week for stabbing Lockett.