FDNY: Fraudulent lithium-ion battery sparked Sunset Park house fire

The FDNY says a fraudulent lithium-ion battery sparked a house fire in Sunset Park early Thursday morning.
Firefighters responded to the three-story building at 666 48th St. around 3:30 a.m. Upon arrival, they say they were met with heavy smoke.
The FDNY says they pulled two e-bikes, along with their batteries, from the basement where the fire. The batteries, according to officials, were inauthentic and purchased on the street. Ultimately, one of them started the fire. No injuries were reported
Chief Fire Marshal Daniel Flynn reminded New Yorkers to make sure their product meets UL standards and to "buy it from the manufacturer that you bought the original product from."
The Red Cross says it is assisting five displaced families, including 12 adults and three children.