Mayor Adams joins Riders Alliance rally for more reliable bus service in Brooklyn

A rally was held today to push for better and more reliable bus service along one of Brooklyn's busiest and longest roads.
Mayor Eric Adams rode the B41 bus to the rally organized by Riders Alliance to call for more reliable service ahead of promised upgrades in 2023.
The B41 route, which goes along Flatbush Avenue and is considered a critical cross-borough transportation corridor, was given an F rating by the Bus Turnaround Coalition. The group says the route's average speed of 5.9 mph is slower than 66% of other buses routes across the city. The mayor says this is unacceptable.
NYC Transit President Richard Davey says what they hear from customers across the city is that they want faster service and shorter wait times.
Officials say the goal of the Flatbush Avenue Bus Priority plan is to not only to make commuting across the borough easier, but also to encourage more people to turn to the bus to get around.
Planning by the Department of Transportation for the plan kicked off in June, according to the city’s website. As of now, officials are collecting data and developing a plan.