'Hi Slave' tagged on sidewalk in Brooklyn

People in Bushwick say a disturbing greeting was tagged on a sidewalk and has been there for nearly two months.
"Hi Slave" is the tag that was made visible for everyone to see in the neighborhood.
Kandice Owens told News 12 her niece noticed the tag and alerted her mother. Kandice says she was extremely upset about it and doesn't understand why the words have been there since the beginning of July.
Owens says so far no one she knows has complained or reported the matter. She believes the words are unacceptable and wants to spread awareness on the issue.
Although someone covered the tag with gray spray-paint on Tuesday, she feels everyone needs know of the hurtful words that were there for so long.
Owens says she filed a report on the tagging to police. However, police say as of right now they do not have the complaint.