Holbrook neighbors say their cars are being targeted by 'brazen' thieves

A Holbrook community is on high alert after neighbors said they have been the target of car thieves.
People who live in the small neighborhood next to Nicolls Road say it really has become a hotbed for this kind of activity.
In fact, homeowners of one home say someone came into their driveway on Thursday night and tried to get inside a Jeep.
Several other residents say the same thing has happened to them.
"I don't feel safe to be honest with you," said Deanna Salentino. She said she couldn't believe her eyes after watching security video that shows a man in her driveway around 2:30 a.m. Friday
He tried breaking into her SUV but was scared away when motion sensor lights flicked on.
"I live in a nice area, and you don't think things like this would happen. Your home is supposed to be your safe place," Salentino said.
Salentino is one of several people in the neighborhood who said they were targeted by thieves looking for valuables inside parked cars.
Surveillance images show someone trying to get into a pickup truck at a different house, but this time, it was in broad daylight. The suspect is wearing a mask in some of the images, but his face is exposed in others.
Cathy Lynch said crooks tried to get into her cars a few nights before. She said the same thing happened to her next-door neighbor.
"They have no problem waking up to someone's driveway, trying doors probably as well as car doors. They're pretty brazen about it," Lynch said.
As News 12 Long Island reported, vehicle break-ins and thefts have been surging this year, mostly in cars that have been left unlocked.
Salentino and her husband, Michael Salentino, said they'll be extra vigilant from now on.
"When you're a parent, you go into panic mode because it's supposed to be safe. It only happened in the driveway, but what happens if they decide to come in the house when we're sleeping? It's nerve-wracking," he said.
There is a neighborhood watch in the community right now keeping an eye out. People are also sharing their Ring videos online to warn one another.
Police did respond to a house that was targeted, but no arrests have been made.