'Intervention is right now' - Mayor addresses NYC crime issue with residents at Harlem meeting

Discussions got heated Monday between residents and city officials at a meeting in Harlem meant to address problems plaguing New York City communities.
Residents, NYPD officials and Mayor Eric Adams gathered at the Police Athletic League building.
A few minutes into the meeting, three people stood up and shouted over the mayor after he spoke of young kids with guns. The three people were escorted out.
Most of what was discussed in the meeting was related to social and behavioral issues that advocates have said are factors that lead to violence.
From the questions asked by those there, the mayor and other officials discussed the need for programs for children, and resources to allow them to communicate and build skills that would help them land great careers.
Adams said the money isn't there to implement some of those ideas, but he didn't say how much the city would need.
Adams said he inherited “a mess” from former Mayor Bill DeBlasio's administration and that “locking people up” won't solve the problem.
"We can't just lock people up and think this is going to go away. Intervention is right now....you have to deal with the issue right now because there's real shooters right now. But there needs to be prevention because by the time the block kid picks up a gun, we already failed him,” Adams said.
The mayor also met with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on Monday to discuss continuing the fight against crime and illegal guns.