Manhattan cooling center offers more than just a place to escape the heat

Mayor Eric Adams visited a cooling center in Washington Heights on Thursday that’s offering New Yorkers more than just a place to get relief from the sun.
The Washington Heights Library has opened its doors this week for those who need a break the scorching temperatures.
“Look, heat is dangerous to people. I mean you can get sick - people can even die from too much heat,” said Tony Marx, president of the New York Public Library. “This is New York, we have to take care of each other."
The mayor toured the library, which offers so much more than books, including educational programs for children and adults.
They even offer a virtual citizenship test study group for residents.
“It’s cool in there, but it’s doing something else,” said Adams. “Once people come inside, they get access to information, English as a second language, using computers, getting books. This holistic approach in with this library team and these assemblymen, what we're saying let's open all these resources up every opportunity we have, so this was a real win."
City officials say close to 600 cooling centers are open across the city.