Morrisania school holds kids exercise and wellness event with Jets linebacker

Kids from five schools teamed up with New York Jets linebacker Quincy Williams Thursday for a recess wellness break at Community School 55 in Morrisania.
Community partners joined together to create the ultimate play day for the students.
The event featured relay races, capture the flag and hula hooping among other activities. The scorching heat didn't stop the little participants from competing, learning and soaking up some summer sports fun.
"Get them ready for their next moments in life, it starts with health and wellness and getting to know them inside and out," said Exos head of diversity, equity and inclusion Noelle Peart.
Exos and Wellness in the Schools organized the recess-like event which gave students the chance to run around in the middle of summer school. Each station was designed to teach kids positive play, athletic skills and sportsmanship.
"Teamwork, collaboration, children get to learn how to give and take," said Wellness in the Schools national program director Marion Williams.
Williams joined in and was happy to see his impact.
"Telling them about nutrition, telling them about working out and things of that sort. They're taking it in," Williams said.
A hydration station with fresh fruit was a popular stop on the hot day but the day's message was about eating right and exercising as a part of everyday life.
"The Bronx has always been 62 out of 62 counties, right, when it comes to health. It's time that we start to change that and it all happens by doing events like today," said Community School 55 principal Luis Torres.
Over 150 students participated at the event.