Neighbors in mourning after fatal hit-and-run takes elderly woman's life

Bay Ridge residents continue to raise concerns about safety in their neighborhood after a 72-year-old woman was fatally struck in a hit-and-run Thursday night.
A makeshift memorial has been made just feet away from where the woman was killed while crossing Marine Avenue late last night. 
Exclusive dash cam footage obtained by News 12 shows the elderly woman pushing a cart across the avenue between 96th and 97th streets when a dark sedan sped directly into her. 
Residents in the area tell News 12 that they're horrified by the incident, but not surprised - they say there's a stretch of six blocks near the scene of this fatal incident with no speed cameras, and five blocks without a single stop sign or crosswalk. 
This marks the third time that a person was struck by a vehicle in southern Brooklyn this week alone.