New bill would require lifesaving Narcan to be stocked at NYC nightclubs and bars

Brooklyn Council Member Chi Osse, who pushed for the bill, believes it could save lives.

News 12 Staff

Mar 20, 2022, 1:52 AM

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New York City nightclubs and bars may soon be carrying Narcan, with their staff fully trained to use it, if a new bill is passed.
Brooklyn Council Member Chi Osse, who pushed for the bill, believes it could save lives.
"I think the opioid crisis is at a high and we saw an increase throughout the pandemic," Osse says.
With just 11 weeks in office, Osse now is pushing lawmakers to pass a bill that would provide clubs and bars in the city with Narcan kits that can reverse drug overdoses.
"We are hoping this bill will prevent many of those overdoses," Osse adds. "If there are nightclubs that are aware of possible drug use or overdose is going on, they would have the opportunity to save a life by applying for some of these kits as not having to pay out of pocket."
Osse first introduced the bill last month along with Council Member Keith Powers and says each bar and nightclub would be given 10 free Narcan kits and proper training to go with it.
"You can see individuals on the street going through a drug episode and sometimes you don’t know if they’re going to overdose or not. If a business owner underwent this training, they too can save a life," Osse says.
Some restaurant and bar owners say they’re on board if the bill is passed.
"I think to have something like that readily available is helpful and it’s simplistic. I think anybody could administer it who is in desperation at that point," McKinley Lamarre, owner of Charm Bar and Restaurant.
He adds that as a nightlife professional, he and his team feel the need to help.
"It cost nothing just to help somebody in need," Lamarre says.
Osse hopes this can one day be expanded to more businesses throughout the city from restaurants to delis.
The bill is expected to be voted on by late summer.

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